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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan
January 5, 2010 11:03 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Linda and I pushed off the dock of Bushara Island Camp in their lovely little Laser sailboat.  It was well rigged and about the same size as my former much-loved Sunfish.IMG_7102

At first the breeze was light but steady.  We meandered around some islands and in and out of some coves, greeting the colorful Sunday afternoon-clad children calling from the hillsides and the water’s edge, “Good morning Muzungu.  How are you? You give me money.”  A few of the older ones even pushed off into their dugout canoes hoping their chances for money would be better from up close. They enjoyed the chase and good naturedly called goodbye when we laughed with them about their empty requests.

The mountain slopes beautified this “little Switzerland” of Uganda and made it easy to believe this is the second deepest lake in Africa. The slopes were terraced with gardens and grazing fields. Many of the islands were adorned on their highest point with the simple steepled elegance of a brick church.

We lazily, peacefully, joyfully sailed along. After over an hour of broad-reaching our way down wind, we began the slow zig-zagging beat-to-windward that would get us back to our own island before dark.

Ah…hah.. Is that a storm cloud in the southwest? The wind changed abruptly and instead of a slow close-hauled meandering back home we dashed on a single port-reach faster and faster as the white caps whipped up around us. I screamed in delight while Linda laughed and bravely trusted her captain and Jesus trying to forget that this Uganda sailboat boasts no life jackets.

As we glided into dock, I was intending to drop Linda and go out solo to attempt to plane this Laser. The thunder and white caps and Linda’s good sense convinced me to let this thrilling gift of sailing end on a fully positive note.

Praise you Jesus for this beautiful gift of a glorious sailing day, a scrumptious desert for our lovely vacation week.


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