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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan
March 9, 2010 10:20 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

As we crossed the ravine and entered the towering forest, it seemed we walked through the cover of National Geographic into a thousand year old culture untouched, unchanged, and uncluttered. The Kachipo tribe in southwest Sudan some 20 miles from the Ethiopian border. They are friendly, welcoming, and ripe for the Gospel.

The Kachipo are a completely unreached tribe of about 50,000 whom AIM has had an interest in for some five years. Up to now, the attempts to begin a ministry with them were thwarted by politics in both the government and church.

For the past 12 months a young Kenyan layman and a middle aged Sudanese pastor have begun a missionary ministry among the Kachipo. These men are with International Aid Services (IAS) and have started a nursery and primary school as the first steps of introducing Jesus to this ancient culture. They are already discipling a handful of promising young men. Their vision and commitment was very inspiring.

The Kachipo, also known as Sura in adjacent Ethiopia, are welcoming and very open to the Gospel. They are so isolated that they have not been contaminated by relief dependency so prevalent in Sudan. Until the past year the only way to reach them was to walk a full day’s journey by foot from Boma. Now there is a bush road from Boma and an airstrip opened by AIM Air.

Besides the school and the budding church already in place, there is a crying need for medical care and for community development including agriculture and forestry. This is a golden opportunity to use the real and “felt need” of health care to make further inroads of the Gospel into these eager people.

I’d love to go there myself. It is a beautiful area of geography with rolling green hills, a fertile soil and climate — no food shortage this year when much of South Sudan is in hunger. With the people so ripe for the gospel, what an golden opportunity to help fill those Kachipo spaces that will bow before the throne!

Lord, send forth workers into your harvest field!

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