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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan
December 9, 2010 10:47 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

The road was brutal. The Land Rover response was predictably rugged and predictably troublesome as on the return trip from Ikotos via the seldom used mountain road our steering began to malfunction. At first it was just a bit of clunking and grinding as we bounced off rocks and gullies. Then it became eight inches of play in the steering wheel between engaging either direction. I kept inspecting the mechanism to be sure it was not about to fail completely. My assurance was enough to cautiously proceed but not sufficient to risk speed when we finally came to smoother road. Meanwhile we passed through an area of burning grass (to enable hunters to better spot game). Usually I just swerve to the opposite side and speed on past the flames but with both sides and the middle burning, our passengers used branches to beat down the flames. We passed unburned.  (We went the back way to Ikotos because Assistant Bishop Sarafino’s brother had died and we transported him with ten of his family members to the mourning funeral village en route.)

This morning I took the Land Rover to our trusty Kenyan mechanics. I anticipated needing to order a new steering box from Nairobi and was wondering if it could possibly be repaired by the time we leave for Uganda in 4 weeks. Ah, pleasant surprise and praise to Jesus, ten minutes of tightening two bolts on the out-of-sight steering box and it was fixed.

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