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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan
January 1, 2011 9:59 am
Published in: Uncategorized

We’re really going to miss these two Catholic Friars whom we’ve come to love in the past year. We’ve had some very sweet fellowship with them including New Year’s Eve fervent and meaningful prayer for Sudan. They are leaving their Sudan ministry next week. Their love for Jesus and their genuine warmth of relationship soon causes one to forget their peculiar attire. Father Harold educated us that a Friar is a “Monk on the move.”

In addition, let me say a few words about Sudan which is in the international news these days. The long anticipated referendum is scheduled to start one week from tomorrow, Jan 9. It really looks like it is going to happen against all odds. Even 2-3 months ago there were dire predictions that logistically it just could not be pulled off. But in answer to many prayers, it is on schedule. Last night I got a SMS by phone from Nagishot that a UN helicopter had delivered ballot boxes to Pastor Laku’s mountain top storage room. This is a very remote place not accessible by road. In addition the rattling of sabers between North and South Sudan which has been so prominent seems to be lessening. Again I attribute this as an answer to prayer also. Today I am more optimistic than I was a month ago that January can be a peaceful month for Sudan.

Our AIM missionary team will all have exited Sudan by tomorrow, Jan 2. We hope to return by the end of January after monitoring reports of the referendum results.

Please continue to pray for peace of Sudan and for wisdom for Phil in making leadership decisions for AIM missionaries.

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