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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan
January 29, 2011 3:03 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

The last six weeks for South Sudan have been nothing short of AMAZING! Worldwide media predicted dire impossibility of a credible or peaceful referendum. Yet while thousands around the world were praying it happened in a quiet and beautiful way. Unanimously the international observers have declared the voting free, fair, and credible. Resoundingly the South Sudan people have pressed their thumbprint on the open hand and registered a vote for separation. Predictions are that over 95% have voted for separation from North Sudan. Preliminary results of the vote will come out in the next few days with final results on Feb 14. Meanwhile the international crisis against oppressive governments triggered by the Tunisia uprising has also affected Khartoum by weakening their political clout against the south. One month ago, my best- case-scenario was not this good.

Because of the surprising sheathing of the sabers our Sudan team has been released to return to out posts effective this weekend. This is a huge answer to prayer.

South Sudan will not officially become a new nation until July 9, 2011. Meanwhile they need continued massive amounts of prayer to achieve the challenges of creating a new African Nation out of the war rubble of past decades. By God’s grace it can happen.

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