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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan
October 16, 2011 11:31 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

AIM’s Chad Unit members are involved with translation work, nursery school, English teaching, literacy, vulnerable women’s care, church planting, and missionary kids’ schooling for the larger mission community in Chad!

We, Linda and Phil, joined them for their annual conference and listened to the recorded Bible teacher on Abraham’s faith journey and discussing how we are like him in our “scheming” to accomplish the promises God has given and seeking security in sources than our God!  We shared and prayed for one another’s lives and ministries, laughter and tears were abundant!  Phil led an interactive session with the members on Vision Enhancement… Impassioned, Empowered, Fruitful. We celebrated special mealtimes with pepperoni pizza one day and Canadian Thanksgiving complete with expensive chicken and homemade pumpkin pie another day.  We return to Uganda with delightful memories, compassionate care for these courageous missionaries and their ministries, sweaty clothes (lack of diesel for the generator meant hand fanning instead of AC) and love for these radiant beams of Sonshine spreading over this land!

Our travel from Uganda to Chad through Addis Ababa Airport on Ethiopian Air brought back keen memories of our first Africa missions experience in 1974/5.

October 16, 2011 11:24 pm
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“God is the best farmer,” was the opening challenge. Let’s learn from HIM. Off to the forest we followed, where we saw untilled soil covered with “God’s blanket” soft, rich with nutrients and teeming with life. Turn it upside down with a hoe or plow and the oxygen loving bacteria (aerobic) die in the oxygen deprived depths and the anaerobic bacteria come to the surface where they die also. Leave the uncovered soil exposed to the sun and it loses moisture, forms a hard crust, is vulnerable to erosion and gradually loses its ability to produce food. Do it God’s way and the soil becomes better year after year.
These hard working Sudanese farmers didn’t buy it readily. They even cited Genesis 3 as proof that God wants us to sweat to earn our bread. They equated sweating with digging (ploughing with heavy hoe). By day three most were convinced enough to pledge a try for this method and see if it will increase yields by up to 500% as our facilitator declared.

We also built a mulch pile to make compost and planted a demonstration plot. Most importantly we learned that God’s method provides what we need to relieve hunger and poverty if we cooperate with Him, even without tractors.

This three day Farming God’s Way (also called Conservation Agriculture) workshop is a highlight of my Sudan experiences. Thanks, August Basson.

Thanks be to God for this Farming…God’s Way seminar, and the prayer time of dedication of the soil of Southern Sudan, stained with blood and filled with curses, to the Creator and Ultimate Farmer!

The historic first cross-cultural mission-sending for Africa Inland Church Sudan took place at the Kor Abiot campus just south of Torit in the Imatong Mountains.  The efforts were spearheaded by Sudanese pastor/missionary James Nyika, who is working amongst the Toposa and Ik. Do remember in prayer these dedicated individuals who are involved, or considering involvement, sharing the good news cross-culturally with Sudanese people groups who have not yet heard!

October 2, 2011 9:22 pm
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Emerging leadership skills were enhanced in our three days of intensive empowering in Torit, South Sudan!

These recently appointed team leaders from South Sudan, Rwanda, and Uganda are enabling Phil to fulfil the leadership and member care needs of Central Region AIM.  Phil again cast the vision for aiming for the bulls eye of the target—-the centrality of our intimate relationship with JESUS! Rod from the International Office and Brian from the Regional Office facilitated the training time.

October 2, 2011 9:19 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Fast food in Torit is corn roast on the jikco (charcoal stove)!  Delicious and chewy and filling!