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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan
October 16, 2011 11:24 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

“God is the best farmer,” was the opening challenge. Let’s learn from HIM. Off to the forest we followed, where we saw untilled soil covered with “God’s blanket” soft, rich with nutrients and teeming with life. Turn it upside down with a hoe or plow and the oxygen loving bacteria (aerobic) die in the oxygen deprived depths and the anaerobic bacteria come to the surface where they die also. Leave the uncovered soil exposed to the sun and it loses moisture, forms a hard crust, is vulnerable to erosion and gradually loses its ability to produce food. Do it God’s way and the soil becomes better year after year.
These hard working Sudanese farmers didn’t buy it readily. They even cited Genesis 3 as proof that God wants us to sweat to earn our bread. They equated sweating with digging (ploughing with heavy hoe). By day three most were convinced enough to pledge a try for this method and see if it will increase yields by up to 500% as our facilitator declared.

We also built a mulch pile to make compost and planted a demonstration plot. Most importantly we learned that God’s method provides what we need to relieve hunger and poverty if we cooperate with Him, even without tractors.

This three day Farming God’s Way (also called Conservation Agriculture) workshop is a highlight of my Sudan experiences. Thanks, August Basson.

Thanks be to God for this Farming…God’s Way seminar, and the prayer time of dedication of the soil of Southern Sudan, stained with blood and filled with curses, to the Creator and Ultimate Farmer!

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