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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan
August 11, 2012 5:49 am
Published in: Uncategorized

This is a Sat morning no photo glimpses into our lives entry by Phil (in italics): Part of it (non italics) was written by Linda to our kids this AM.

Linda is filling in for our Kampala Unit Leader for 4-6 mo until the newly assigned UL arrives from South Africa. She is doing a fabulous job in the opinion of this REO while it does challenge her capacity (those of you who know Linda well know that she has a pretty phenomenal capacity). By the end of this month we will have passed off our UL South Sudan role to Hartley’s which will lighten our load considerably.

Yesterday morning Linda arrive at Entebbe airport from Nairobi after spending three nights there on a combined UL/nurse role accompanying one of our Kampala Unit members who needed medical attention.

Dad met me at  the airport and I had a wonderful cup of chai with him “catching up” and enjoying each other for half an hour before the Gibson family arrived on the BA flight!    We then got acquainted as we loaded their 15 pieces of luggage and the family of 5 into the 3 vehicles to travel to Matoke Inn.  They had been ready to come 3 weeks ago with all luggage packed and ready in vehicles for airport when their 7 year old dismounting from the trampoline lost her balance and only dropped about 12 inches but managed to break both bones in her forearm.  So, they had 3 weeks of living out of suitcases and waiting for enough healing in order to fly!

I spent the rest of the morning with them, playing with the kids, answering questions, getting their extra luggage into storage container, etc.  A bit of the afternoon in the office, then got ready and went with dad to Entebbe for the Franklin Graham (Samaritan’s Purse) meeting at an elaborate hotel —SP flew 150 Juba pastors and wives to the resort for two days of encouragement, evangelism training, prayer, etc.  Several of our AIC church friends were there and had hoped to come to AIM CR office, but it was not working with their schedule, so they invited dad to come there and meet them.  …over the phone Bishop was so excited with “this is a new beginning for Sudan as we prepare for the Oct Billy Graham festival in Juba… we are breaking down dividing walls of denominational barriers” We went together, both kinda “bushed” as we traveled, but had a good time with the  group. I enjoyed the meeting with the women, the connection with the SP lady in charge (she had been a guest in our Torit home before), meetings with others, and esp it was good to know how much the South Sudanese brothers valued and wanted us there.   Bishop of AIC and his wife wanted us to stay for supper buffet, so we did!  Coming home exhausted, dad was especially vulnerable to the doubts Satan tried to implant in his mind…but we sang, prayed, and went to bed immediately on arrival home at 9:30 pm !

I (Phil) am happy to report that this morning my faith is strengthened again as I got my eyes off of me and the problems and back onto Jesus! A leisure Sat morning hour of quiet time in “our secret garden” was a big help!

Today I (Linda)  am going with the Gibson family to look for housing for them…praying much.

This pm we have a triple date with one of our single missionaries, her parents visiting from the U.S., and her boyfriend, going to a concert followed by dinner.

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