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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan
August 9, 2013 8:25 am
Published in: Uncategorized

Tseganesh and Selamu and tiny baby Kadosh are members of our TIMO team in Chad. They are from the Wolaita tribe of Southern Ethiopia. They are just now beginning their second year of marriage.

TsegaHand of comfortnesh had never been away from her home town and family for more than 3 days prior to coming to  Chad. Furthermore, in her culture there is a strong tradition that a young woman must deliver her first child in her own mother’s home. But she and Selamu wre being commissioned by their Kale Heywot (Word of Life)  Church to go as cross cultural Christian workers to Chad. Many advised, “It is too dangerous. You must wait until after the baby is born.” Others said, “Whose hand is of more comfort to you, God’s hand or your mother’s hand?”

Courageously they accepted the faith challenge and came to Chad at 7 month pregnant. Kadosh is now a charming, cooing, two-month-old while her parents continue to experience God’s comforting hand in their faith journey.

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