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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan

March 2010

Do you recall our plea for help for the surgical treatment of Titus? His chronic urinary blockage defeated his health and manhood. Praise to Jesus, with the help of our supporters we sent him for treatment in Tanzania and almost miraculously they took a piece of lining from inside his cheek and used it to create a new segment of urethra. Two weeks later they removed the catheter and Titus is healed!

Titus’s promise to love and serve Jesus the rest of his life is already bearing fruit! He spontaneously began a neighborhood Bible study and a class to teach the throngs of children about Jesus! He is using the One Story Bible story book Linda gave him. And you couldn’t help but notice his previous sad face has been replaced by a radiant and confident smile. What a Joy to observe his renewal.

We’ve also been encouraged by the spiritual growth and commitment of some of our sponsored students. Paul and Mark who are completing Secondary School this year in Uganda, are committed to spending at least a year in their Toposa village doing campfire evangelism before pursuing further studies. Maybe they are the answer to our many prayers for missionaries to the huge unreached Toposa tribe.

Because of our encouragement by their lives, we’ve accepted some more students into sponsorship. It stretches our budget and strengthens our faith.

Sudan is on the verge of making history. The first election in decades for South Sudan is scheduled for March 11, 2010. Campaigning is under way and so far it is mostly peaceful. Please join us in prayer for the peace of Sudan and good leaders to be installed.  The political and social uncertainty of this period has prompted us to plan for all of our AIM team a precautionary leave from Sudan during  the election days and until we learn of the results and how the country is responding.

It makes us aware of how much our American culture has come to depend upon a predictable and orderly electoral process with good law enforcement and legal back up if/when necessary.  Here these attempts at democracy are overpowered by the “Big Man” being above the law and thereby all the little men feel the need/right to take the law into his own hands also.  However, the battle is the Lord’s… let sway the battle with our prayers!

Our AIM Sudan team currently numbers 24 courageous individuals. Over half of them have visited us in Torit in the past month. Our guest rooms, tents, and table have enjoyed an abundance of visitors.  We enjoy the pastoral care part of our leadership role and Linda thrives in serving and hospitality.

Phil is praying for creative ways to deal with the challenges in relationship created by Africa Inland Church -Sudan’s expectation of AIM funding more of their church budget needs.

If you haven’t visited our blog site, check it out. http://pbyler.aimsites.org/ It gives a lot of brief glimpses into our daily lives. The March 9 entry “Kachipo Visit” would be worth reporting in this NL but since this page is full, go there to read about this fascinating opportunity of a completely unreached people group.  If you would like the couple-time-weekly blog posts to come to your email instead of going on the web to find it, just flash us an email request and we’ll be glad to add you to the group who get it that way.