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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan

November 2009

The Battle Is the Lord’s

Byler’s NL

Dec 3, 2009

Do you remember our termite story from the June NL? We had exhausted our human resources to eradicate those persistent creatures from our home. We had finally given up. “The termites have defeated us,” our African friends said. I even stopped praying about them. They kept rebuilding.

Some weeks later we noticed a fierce battle under that Neem tree which harbored the termite queen. An army of big red ants (the Matabele ant is a termitophage) had emerged from somewhere and were attacking the black termites. We watched the intense battle front move across the surface and down the termite tunnels leaving dead creatures in its wake. A couple hours later all was still with no ants or termites in sight. That was months ago and the termites have not rebuilt. Wow! “The battle is the Lord’s”

That young shepherd boy had it right. Facing a heavily armed and armored giant, David’s stick and stones were an unlikely threat against the seasoned warrior. BUT his faith made all the difference. “…for the battle is the Lord’s and he will deliver you into our hands.”

I’ve kept coming back to that reassuring phrase time after time in the battles of life and ministry here in Sudan in the months since we returned from our vacation in the U.S.  No matter how meager my weapons, no matter how inexperienced I am, no matter how formidable the giant, the battle is the Lord’s and HE is ABLE!

We’ve seen the Lord win battles in students giving their lives to Jesus, in difficult travel plans falling into place at the last minute, in challenging tasks melt into easy accomplishments, in doors of ministry opportunities opening for our missionaries, in additional missionaries committing plans to come to join us, and in quiet confidence in our hearts when the Goliaths are defiant.

The Torit “Vision Conference” was truly a battle for the world view of our Sudanese brothers. It still wages. I’m glad it is His battle.

From our Sept newsletter, Pastor Anthony has returned home from the Nairobi hospital with some improvement in his chronic neurologic condition. Titus is in Tanzania and is recovering from his urologic surgery. Our sponsored students are finishing exams. The drought continues. Thanks to many of you, from us and from the Sudanese beneficiaries, for your generous contributions.

Our month in America was highlighted by a wonderful week with all our children and grandchildren on vacation in MD. What a blessing to love and “hang out” together. They all spoiled me, Phil, for my 60th birthday.

Take a peek if you wish at our web site http://philinda.com/ for our NL’s and photos, and blog site http://pbyler.aimsites.org for short frequent updates of our lives.

Wishing each of you a joyous celebration of the birthday of history’s most remarkable man, JESUS!

Philip and Linda Byler,


With AIM in South Sudan.