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Phil and Linda Byler, missionaries in Sudan

September 2009

Byler Greetings

18 September 2009

Greetings from the beautiful state of WV. Even though it was only a year ago that we left the U.S., the luxuries of North America are pretty astounding to us.   An ordinary Kroger grocery store was like a gourmet display of beautiful, large, perfect vegetables in brilliant color in a stunningly clean environment.   And then all these delicious foods… watch out weight control!

Our grandson Michael Bonasso is an absolute delight to our hearts.  Don’t you agree that he easily puts Gerber Baby to shame.  And he’s the first of 6 grands to hug on this month of vacation.

This newsletter is a bit different than our usual in that we have a few requests of support for our Sudanese friends.   Many, many of them sent their greetings to all of you as we prepared to depart. May we present some opportunities to share the love of Jesus?

Medical needs:  Pastor Anthony from Lohutok, Sudan, where he was teaching in the Bible School, has just had surgery in Nairobi for a rare spinal cord condition called syringomyelia.  He had gradually become paralyzed over the last three years, and without our support he would have just gone back home to decline and die. We pulled together $1000 to get him in for surgery and just received word that another $1000 is needed to release him from the hospital.  Because of his paralysis, his clan refused to sell any cows to support his medical needs… wives for the younger, healthy generation is greater priority in the clan culture. Can we, his Christian family, have more compassion?

The other medically needy young man is Titus, a 24 year old who suffered traumatic pelvic fractures and urethral laceration in a fall from a truck 5 years ago. Today he has a catheter draining urine through his abdominal wall. With proper surgery he will be able to return to normal urinary function. Imagine the difference this would make in his social and vocational life. I’ve made preliminary arrangements to get him treated at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Tanzania. He is working on getting his travel documents while I try to find $3000 for the surgery and hospital stay. Does the Spirit of Jesus touch any of your hearts to help Titus.  He assures me, with tears streaming down his face and dripping off his chin, that in repayment, he will continue to love and serve Jesus for the rest of his life.  Checks for Titus and Anthony, and other medically needy individuals, can be sent to Agape Fellowship, 485 E Third St, Williamsport PA 17701, memo “Sudan Medical Fund.”

Hunger needs. There is a drought throughout East Africa. In Torit we’ve had just enough rain to keep things green, but in many surrounding areas where we drive, the corn is totally brown and wasted. The first harvest has failed due to the drought and even if the second harvest produces, there will be starvation throughout our part of Sudan. The AIC pastors are organizing a food relief program. Any amount you are able to give to AIM, International, PO Box 178, Pearl River, NY 10965-0178 Memo:  “South Sudan Crisis Relief” will be used to provide food in the Name of Jesus to hungry Sudanese.

School Fee Needs: There are so many deserving Christian young men and women who come to us asking for assistance in paying their school fees for secondary (H.S.) education and/or advanced training.  We’ve already said yes to more than our personal budget can stretch but continue to trust Jesus to help us meet the bills, just as we did years ago for our own children’s college bills. If you feel your heart urging you to invest in the next generation of Christian leaders for Sudan, please send money to Agape Fellowship, 485 E. Third Street, Williamsport PA 17701, Memo: “Sudan education fund”. We’ll see that every penny of it gets to Mary, Paul, Mark, Susan, Joseph, Paul, James, and hopefully others whom we can bless with a “yes” answer.

If you have a functional laptop computer that you are willing to donate to a Sudanese student, we’d be glad to take it back in early October.  We have been able to link old computers from the US to new users in Sudan for the glory of JESUS!  Call our mobile phone 617-953-0282 to make arrangements, or just call to say hello!

Lots of love,

Philip and Linda Byler